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Our Bed and Breakfast Groningen Holland

Our luxurious and modern converted Bed and Breakfast is housed in an ancient workshop, remembered through the canopy light and the continuous space of 50 m2. The floor is entirely covered with wood. There is a  large table with 6 seats, a kitchen, a living space, comfortably heated with a gas heater, and a luxurious Auping bed. The two beds with box springs can be freely arranged as a double bed or two twin beds. Above this bed there is a double bed on a mezzanine, perfect for children or a third adult.

The owners have given a special attention to the decoration and interior design that is both discreet and warm. They left some of the old glass collection of the former owner just like paintings and drawings.

Coming from the loft one enters a spacious hall, decorated with art works, where clothing and other items can be stored in a large closet with sliding doors. In this hall is also the entrance to the bathroom. Further down the hall is the main entrance to the apartment.

The atmosphere of the loft is very nice. There reigns a quiet due to the sound insulation and that tranquillity you will also find in the private garden with a large terrace, fully enclosed and where in the spring will bloom the apple and cherry trees. The garden is a perfect place where you can relax after a day in the city, read a book, or to take your meals.

Bed and Breakfast Groningen Holland is also an ideal place to stay for hikers who follow the hiking trail “Pieterpad”.

You can park your car in front of Bed and Breakfast Groningen Holland against a small daily fee. There are also parking garages nearby.