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The region

The Bed and Breakfast Groningen Holland is an excellent base for visiting the North of the Netherlands, consisting of the provinces Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe. Cities such as Leeuwarden, Makkum or Assen can all be visited in one day from the Loft.

The province of Groningen
The province of Groningen has beautiful landscapes, full of variety, ideal for cycling and walking. The natural landscapes of this province definitely deserve a visit.

The hiking trail “Pieterpad”
The hiking trail “Pieterpad” takes you from Pieterburen in the North of the Netherlands to Sint-Pietersberg in the province Zuid Limburg (or vice versa). This is the longest hike in the Netherlands . No matter if you come from the South or the North, Bed and Breakfast Groningen Holland in the city of Groningen is an excellent bed & breakfast to stay for the night.

Hiking trail Pieterpad

Churches in the region of Groningen
In the region of Groningen there are many small historical churches and fortresses (“”borg””) that will delight you on your trip to the countryside.

Church in Oostum

Relief Centre for Seals
A visit to the Emergency Centre for seals is a interesting experience for children and adults. The Centre explains the problems the seals face in their environment and what the center is doing for these animals.

Rescue centre for seals Pieterburen

Fortress Bourtange
Near the German border in the beautiful city of Westerwolde (South East in the province of Groningen) is the fortress Bourtange. This is a historic fortress that has no equal. Past and present blend in perfectly in this historic town.

Fortress Bourtange

The museum “Menkemaborg” is built in a castle garden, in Uithuizen in the northeastern region of Groningen.


The belt of West Frisian Islands in Wadden Sea
Between the Netherlands and Denmark is the Wadden Sea that has great ecological value. It has two faces, that of water at high tide and sand at low tide. There are fifty islands in the shallow waters of the Wadden Sea, five in the Netherlands where  wildlife is abundant. You can enjoy good connections by boat, which allow you to visit Schiermonnikoog in one day.

Schiermonnikoog You can visit the island of Schiermonnikoog with its beautiful white sand beaches on one day, taking a boat in Lauwersoog. The richness of its landscapes (dunes, woods, mud flats and polders), the abundance of flora and fauna, made the island to be protected as a national park.

Walking across the mud and sans flats is an adventurous way to discover the Wadden Sea, a unique nature reserve and the largest continuous national park in Europe. At low tide, the shallows dry and you can cross the bottom of the sea. This hike will reach one of the islands of the Wadden Sea. All groups are accompanied by guides and the entire hike can take between 3 and 5 hours.

Walking across sand and mud flats

The province of Friesland is characterized by a cultural identity of its own and the regional language, Frisian. Friesland has the longest unbroken chain of lakes in Europe, and offers an ideal environment for lovers of water sports. This province has four national parks: Lauwersmeer, Schiermonnikoog, the natural reserve of Drents-Friese Wold and the Alde Feanen park. Friesland organises the biggest speed skating race in the world, the Elfstedentocht (Eleven Cities Tour), but only during severe winters.


Makkum: The Manufacture Royal Tichelaar
One of the oldest Dutch factories is the Dutch Royal Tichelaar Makkum. This beautiful adventure began in 1670. The Dutch art and design Royal Tichelaar Makkum reconciles tradition and modernity. The refinement of the production of small Frisian village Makkum will not disappoint you.

Leeuwarden : Ceramics Museum
The Keramiekmuseum (Ceramics Museum) Princessehof in Leeuwarden invites you to explore the world of ceramics. The exhibitions present contemporary and antiques of all shapes and sizes, decorated or not, vitrified or not. The  collection is divided into seven sections: Asia, Europe, Art Nouveau, Frisian pottery, Modern, Contemporary and Ceramic Tiles. The museum is located in a former 18th century castle in the historical center of Leeuwarden.

Drenthe is one of the most beautifull provinces in the Netherlands. The best way to explore the rich natural heritage of the region is to take a bicycle and follow some of the bicycle paths who have a total lenght of 1400 kilometers. Drenthe has 54 Hunebedden, tombs that are 5000 years old. The Hunebedcentrum in Borger reveals how these tombs were built with stones who can weigh up to 40 tons. Other attractions of the province include the Dierenpark Emmen Zoo and the former concentration camp of Westerbork.

Drents Museum in Assen
In Assen, the capital of the province of Drenthe, you can discover the history of the province in the Drents Museum. The attraction of this museum, it is the body of a young woman dating 2000 years ago, found mumified in a swamp in excellent condition, and whose features have been restored.

Giethoorn is a walking city, nicknamed the “Venice of the North” and has 150 bridges and a charming quietness. This small town of 2,500 inhabitants can be visited by foot or canoe. The thatched houses stand along the innumerable channels. Giethoorn is located in the park’s natural-Weerribben Wieden.